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APPLICATION FORM VITRUM 2015 Fieramilano, 6/9 October 2015

The undersigned Company applies for admission as an exhibitor to VITRUM 2015, as per the enclosed General Regulations, which it formally acknowledges and approves.

Deadline 28th February

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In signing this form the Exhibitor confirms that he has received the information note in accordance with Article No. 185 of Legislative Decree No. 209 dated 7 September 2005 and in compliance with ISVAP (Italian Control Authority on Insurance Companies) note No. 303 dated 2 June 1997.

General Regulations | ISVAP information

The undersigned Company applies for admission as Exhibitor to VITRUM 2015, on the basis of the General Regulations, which it fully recognizes and explicitly approves.

The undersigned Company, filling in the present Application Form, declares to have carefully read and to approve the General Regulations and to have read the informative note, in accordance with the Art. 185 of Legislative Decree n. 209, Sept. 7,2005 in compliance with the provisions included in the ISVAP circular n. 303, June 2, 1997.


if interested, please print, fill-out and send to Vitrum no later than 1st June 2015



FULL PAGE SIZE - Width: 150 mm - Height: 210 mm - Edge: 5 mm by side


The undersigned Company, acknowledging the conditions indicated below, and in acceptance of the same, orders the advertising pages marked with √

Copy from box A



Printing material:
Digital files must be in pdf format with fonts and images embedded in the document and in high resolution.

Upon receipt of invoice.
The costs of producing or modifying any graphic layouts shall be paid by the advertiser.

The position of advertisements will be decided on by VITRUM, which reserves the right to confirm this order.
Legal proceedings of any nature shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.